From the recording Corruptibility Index

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from Corruptibility Index, released September 2, 2016
Produced & Engineered by Bruce Butkovich & Alias Patrick Kelly
Drums Recorded by Mike Froedge

Mike Froedge - drums
Alias Patrick Kelly - all other instruments
all rights reserved


Now that we’ve fallen and still we descend
The branches of olive that break on the wind
The crater that scatters the earth to the sky
The sunlight will tatter and lash at our hides

Roaming without a pardon
I can’t clean these stains that cover myself
And lurking within the forest
We burned into stakes to cast out ourselves

Over the mountains we crushed into rocks
The spring and the fountain we cursed and we mocked
Crossing two fingers behind out of sight
The deception will linger, the bait plays the light

Slowly give into darkness
Inflicting the pain I felt in myself
And though we once had each other
The strongest bond breaks, the violence is hell

Fanning the darkness from shoulder to flame
My horizon starless
Away - I went away
Astray - I went astray
The beast that as blossomed was cocooned in pain
My dearly departed
Astray - I went astray
Away - I went away

The belly that crawled now beats its wings
The low never fall but can’t watch over things
Arisen on high, when just high enough
The sight and the span, the tears will destruct

Roaming without a pardon
I can’t clean these stains that cover myself
Staring at what once were gardens
Through bars of a cage I forged for myself