1. Seepage

From the recording Corruptibility Index

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from Corruptibility Index, released September 2, 2016
Produced & Engineered by Bruce Butkovich & Alias Patrick Kelly
Drums Recorded by Mike Froedge

Dave Freeman - woodwinds
Alias Patrick Kelly - all other instruments
all rights reserved


Pump pump little newborn heart
Your only clean slate is at the start
The time will pass the build up remains
And soon the mechanism shows the strain

And when the time comes
The good that I give
Now dismissed and stepped upon
And forced to hid
From every moment turned to pain
I find it slowly seeping in with nowhere to drain

In the ether I will repeat her
A form morphing in the mist
A purge fire of desire
Will ruin all it was and is
Buried like infants who couldn’t outlast the spring
Pollutants that germinate
Into the reservoir from the stream
And the blood will spin it round and round
The blood will take it round and round
To change you from the inside out
The poison slowly wears you down

“Hello” to me from years ago
I’m you today
I think we kinda look alike
But what has remained
Whatever’s rushing through me,
Whatever’s left,
Whatever will issue
We just might regret

So all the good intentions that just decay
And all of doubts inventions that lead me far away
The little hits and the misses
Uneven weight on the scales
A lesson learned but the symptoms
Are scattering through to darken the tale

And up on the high road
And thus defeat
I see you walking down below
I hove my feet
And charge down the mountainside
Picking up speed
We couldn’t help but collide
Descent - Complete

Pump puma little re-born heart
Just… Breathe...